I am so appreciative of the great clients and the community who have supported me during these past almost 18 years. It has been a pleasure to provide you with services that I pray have helped your entire being. I have come to care for each one of you and am grateful for your friendship.

I encourage you to reach out to other massage therapists and nail techs in the area. There are several good ones.

I have product lines of Real Time Pain Relief, Hand Sanitizer, Jojoba oils and the Essential Oils still available. You may contact me by email, please put "HK products" in your subject line and in the message let me know what you are looking for and a good contact time and information.

I encourage each of you to know the candidates, their views, their records and then VOTE your conscience.

I have sold the building and we are excited to see what it will become.

Please stay safe and I hope to see you all around the lake.

Nancy Grueneich